Portable Steam Generators

Portable steam generators are either trailer mounted or skid mounted, and can burn natural gas, heavy oil or residual oil. These units comply with the ASME standard. Rated evaporation capacity of the ST series is 11.5t/h or 23 t/h, and rated working pressure is 17.2 Mpa or 21 Mpa.

The ST-M series has thermal efficiency of above 90%, rated evaporation capacity of 15 t/h or 23 t/h, and rated working pressure of 21 Mpa. Custom designed generators are also available. We also provide resin exchange water treatment units which are auxiliary devices providing standard softened water for steam generators.

ST and ST-M Series
ModelST -11.5/17.2 - YQST - 11.5/21 - YQST - 23/ 17.2 - YQST -23/21 - YQST - M - 15/21 - YQST - M - 23/21 - YQ
Rated Evaporationt11.511.523231523
Rated Working PressureMpa17.22117.2212121
Nominal Steam Temperature°C354370354370370
Thermal Efficiency of Boiler%>=85>=91
Steam Quality%8080
FuelNatural gas or heavy oil
ControlPLC automatic control
Overall Dimensionm17.8x5.5x3.418x5.5x3.428x7.3x3.428x8.1x3.416.5x3.4x5.626.6x3.4x7.6
Type of MountingTrailer or skidTrailer or skidSkidSkidTrailer or skidSkid

Note: YQ refers to the fuel which can be used. Y refers to heavy oil or residual oil; Q refers to natural gas.

Water Treatment Equipment
Unit Description
Flow Rate t/h121625
Rated Working PressureMpa0.6
ControlPLC automatic control
Water TreatmentTwo steps sodium ion exchange
Overall Dimensionm12x3.4x5.212x3.4x5.28.2x3.4x2.6
Type of MountingTrailer or skidTrailer or skidSkid
Hardness of Water before TreatmentPPM<300
Hardness of Water after TreatmentPPM<0.05
PH8 ~ 9

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